Grade 3

Work can be a cause of so much stress for people. I’m still working a “regular” job while I get my business up & running.


Friday afternoon turned into “one of those days”. In all honesty, it reminded me of when my family moved overseas & I started a new school in grade 3.


I was on the playground one day & someone came up to me and said “I noticed you’ve been taking to Suzanna a lot. You can’t be friends with her. You can be friends with me.”


Even as an right year old, I thought that was stupid.


Friday afternoon I had the adult version of that discussion. It revolved around a template. I was editing a document, thought that it was excessively complex, so did some digging. I found that there was a much simpler template that was already in use by the people who are the intended audience of the document.


So I sent it to the writer. Well, didn’t he throw a tantrum! I wasn’t supposed to talk to that person without permission, I shouldn’t have chatted to my supervisor about the best way to approach the project…


Flashbacks to being eight years old!!


In the end, the author of the document stormed out & I went home. We’ll see what mess it’s in when I turn up at work on Monday!


It wasn’t the most positive way to end a week, as I was completely frustrated by the authors attitude & lack of understanding as to why a standard template was a good thing.


But I put some bouncy music on when I got to the train & started to relax. I distracted myself by looking at joke websites on my phone. And thought, IT’S THE WEEKEND!


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