Fresh Food

The hardest part of making sure you eat healthy is simply the access to fresh and nutritious food – at an affordable price.


I always struggled to find food I liked in the supermarkets, it was expensive, it went off fast, and I generally gave up. Then the fruit & veggie shop that’s walking distance from my house got new owners and WOW. It has made a huge¬†difference¬†to what what we eat.

What a bargain - and so yummy!

All of that packed full a big ‘green’ bag and cost me $22. It’ll last for ages too.


Now my biggest problem is that the crisper part of my fridge is too small for all the veggies to fit!


If Governments/health advocates/anyone else wanted to help the population – they would make it compulsory that everyone has an amazing fresh fruit and veggie shop in their suburb – preferably in walking distance!

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