Don’t sweat the little things

Little things are what makes up life.


Parents will talk of the first time their baby stopped crying when they picked them up, becasue the baby recognised them and was comforted by that. It’s not something that a new station would report on, but it’s a moment in life that means a lot, espeically to new parents.


Positive little things make a huge difference in your day.


Unfortunately, little negative things can make you feel like your day is ruined. They also distract you and stop you from seeing the positive things that are happening around you.


I’m still learning how to manage the little things. I feel like I’ve gotten pretty good at recognising the little things that make me annoyed, and I try to deal with them by doing something nice to forget about the annoying part.


And of course, the small things are easy to acknowledge and be happy about – getting all green lights on the way home so I have a few extra minutes at home that day with my family = perfect!

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