Relaxation Weekend

I don’t really know how to relax. I always feel like I’m wasting my weekends if I sit at home and zone out to the tv. Which is probably true!


This weekend, I think I kind of managed it though!


Friday night I had a small but great Intimo party that involved a lot more wine than I had planned. And a lot more shopping than I had planned too! But I love their clothing so that’s one thing I don’t mind spending money on! If only their quality & easy to fit clothing spread to shoes… anyway, that’s off topic…


Saturday morning my mother in law came & picked hubby & I up and took us to Reverse Garbage.ΒΒ It’s a great little place; I think it’s ideally targeted at art students but it has bits & pieces of everything you could imagine! I only bought a mirror that I want to do up, but if you have craft projects at home, check it out for great ‘bits’. I wish I could describe it better than ‘bits’ but you’ll just have to go for yourself πŸ™‚ Pretty reasonable prices too. Not quite a cheap as a garage sale but cheaper than most charity/second hand shops.

A castle! For real! Just on some suburban street… I wonder what the neighbours think.


We then drove around, learned there is a castle on the north side of Brisbane, picked up an early lunch & ate it on a sunny bench overlooking the ocean. None of us were ready to call our day quits yet so we swung by our house to pick up our dog Vala to take her to the dog park for a run.


Vala running off ahead of us slow pokes. Love our giant local dog park – I’m willing to bet it’s one of the best in the world – no exaggeration.

I spent Saturday afternoon asleep. I hadn’t had much water to drink all day and I think I gave myself a small bit of sunstroke πŸ™


Saturday night we started watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and I dissolved into tears about half an hour in. I don’t know if that was an after-effect of the sunstroke, the over-use of graphics or the knowledge it was going to be a sad movie… but we stopped watching it. It’s a shame, cos I love watching anything David Hewlett is in, but I just couldn’t stop crying. I’m going to vote it was the sunstroke, since I don’t normally cry in movies! We then switched to Napoleon Dynamite, which is usually a movie I fall asleep in, but for the first time ever I actually watched the entire thing and I actually enjoyed it. I was also pleased to see two actors in it that ended up in Big Love. Mormon culture and sub-culture fascinates the anthropologist side of me. My father-in-law’s funeral a few years ago was the first Mormon church service of any kind I had attended and it was very interesting to study for the family dynamics played out through the religion.


Today I was supposed to visit a friend for a Norwex party and eat cheese, but since I have a husband who cleans for me, I bailed on her πŸ™ I feel a little bad since she had come over my house Friday night! Hubby and I spent today driving around locally, having some long chats about our goals for the next few years, so it felt a bit strange to go talk about cleaning after that.

One of my favourite places to sit in my car and think. Saw many heading out in canoes, which made me want to do the same!


I keep having inspirations to exercise today – canoeing and early morning jogging. My exercise has been non-existant for a little while now and I’m feeling bad!


Overall, I enjoyed my weekend and I’m relaxing tonight and preparing for a job interview tomorrow. I’m not really sure if I want the job but it is permanent – I’ve been studying or in contract jobs for 6 years now and the mental security of permanent would be incredibly nice.

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