Bad Hair Days

Bad Hair Days

It’s funny, me posting about a Bad Hair Day. (Do we call them BHDs?) I should probably start by explaining my hair to you.

My hair is thin, brown hair. It has grown thicker since I was a kid, but it is still thin. It knots. Oh boy does it knot!

I don’t like putting my hair up – this probably stems from a private high school I went to where they told me I had to. I said ‘No’ and that began three years of fights over silly things (I may tell the story one day of how I got the vice principal to chase me around the school). I tied my hair up for sports or science – things where it was safety related. Apart from that, I figured it was none of their business and just did what I wanted.

I tend to keep my hair around shoulder length. If it gets any longer than that, I get giant knots forming at the base of my skull. Painful, giant knots! I have to drench my hair in conditioner then leave-in detangler just to get them out.

I also don’t like going to hairdressers though – all I ever get is a trim across the bottom and that just seems expensive for a quick snip. I usually get my husband to trim my hair for me. I have a feeling some of you may now be gasping and thinking “Brave!” but he’s actually more a careful and patient person than me, so it’s ok.

I once washed and brushed my hair, got in my car (with the windows up and the aircon on), drove 2km to the hairdressers, parked, walked a very short distance outside to the salon, sat in the chair, and the hairdresser asked what I had been up to since my hair was so knotted.

I guess it’s a good thing that I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy – if I was a girly girl and cared about my hair, then it would be a constant source of stress and frustration. And I would have to get up even eariler every morning to ‘do’ it before work!

I guess the good thing is that I have never had any really bad hair days – I’ve never had my hair so knotted it’s had to be chopped off, for example.

What’s a Bad Hair Day like for you?

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