A few years ago, I was at a compulsory seminar for work on race relations. It was a bit of a joke that my office was sent on this, as we were the only people who actually did a job related to that, but hey, rules are rules and the rules stated that we all had to go on this two day seminar.


On the first day, there was the usual “go around the room and introduce yourself” to break the ice.


However, they decided to put in a twist. You had to say who you would have dinner with. Doesn’t matter if they were dead or alive.


Like anyone, there are many current and historical figures I would love to have a dinner party with.


And also (hopefully) just like anyone else, my mind immediately goes blank as soon as I’m asked such a question. Especially being asked that kind of question in public.


Less like everyone else, my mind goes straight to the worst possible thing to say.


Yes, I replied “Hitler”.


I said that I would want to have dinner with Hitler at a seminar on race relations.


Somehow I wasn’t kicked out of the room and I think it all passed quickly. Or at least that’s how I remember it.


What was your worst mind blank moment?

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  1. That’s hilarious! I’m glad you weren’t kicked out because that’s seriously awesome. I have a disease called “foot-in-mouth”, where apparently my mouth goes faster than my brain and things come out before I’ve thought about them. I say stupid stuff all the time!

    1. I think I mumbled something like “to understand why he did what he did” after I realised what I said haha. They just moved on fast!

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