How I ruined my health

I’ve posted previously (The Olympics) about getting Glandular Fever.


What I didn’t know was how it can affect you.


Obviosuly, medical conditions can and do affect everyone differently. For me, it meant learning to sit still.


When I was still off of uni due to Glandular Fever, but feeling a bit better, I started walking. And not just a little stroll to the corner shop kind of walk. I went walking for many kilometers, often in the middle of the day. That’s really not something you should do when your body is recovering from a major illness.


A few months after I was diagnosed (and while I was still finishing off classes at university) I accepted a full time job in an office.


So I had spent a few months not moving much (apart from insane bouts of walking), and then I would spend the next three years sitting behind a desk.


My weight ballooned.

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