Too Much or Not Enough?

When I start new projects, I always have this fear that I will become totally overwhelmed with too much work, and that I’ll simply crash & burn.
It has happened before. When I was at uni I had classes 4 days per week, plus study (yes I actually studied at uni), I volunteered one day a week & worked two days a week. All 7 days totally booked up with something. That equalled burnout pretty fast!
I feel like a whirlwind at the moment. I’m working hard on my main business, still spending time on job interviews, developing concepts for my second business & looking into some market stalls for a hobby business (yes, I’ve checked it against the ATO requirements & it’s a hobby).
Plus, you know, life: cooking, eating, exercise, playing with my dog, teaching Ben to drive…
As well as other things like blogging, offering guest posts, considering looking for some freelance writing and making notes/keeping up with ideas for the two books I’m writing in my spare time. Ha, spare time, what’s that?!
Additionally, I need my sloth time. You know, where you sit on your butt in front of the tv & zone out? That’s like mediation to me. Probably terrible mediation, but it zones me out.
Usually I would be at the point now where I’m terrified of burn out. But I’m actually quite calm about it all. Perhaps because some of those things are long term goals. Maybe it’s because I know that whatever job I get right now, there is a 95% chance that from around December 24th, I’m unemployed. And no one can ever find work in January, companies are too quiet.
People never believe me when I say I don’t resent being the only person working. I actually love having Ben at home. ¬†Of course if we were dual income, things would be easier. That’s just basic maths. But life is about much more than money. I want flexibility & indepenednce more than I want money.

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