Being around similar people is critical to motivation and inspiration in your life. This is even more important when you’re talking about your business. I don’t run this blog as a business for many reasons (discussed elsewhere).


I absolutely loved the mood of the ProBlogger event this year.






I read some Australian business articles on a mailing list nearly every day. Most of the time I end up hating on the mailing list, but I keep reading them because I do hear of new tips and businesses that I want to connect with. The mailing list I read is always uninspirational.


I won’t go so far as to call them negative, but they’re not motivating. It’s all about the risks with them. I feel like they’re trying to keep people in their places. Make sure you don’t start on your own, try a franchise. You will fail. If you don’t wear a suit at home then you’re not really working.


They don’t care about the SPARK. They want you to run your business the exact way you ran your life when you worked a corporate 9-5. You don’t go into business for yourself just to follow the same rules that you did when you were working for someone else. They tell you that everyone working at home won’t succeed if they stop to put the clothes into the dryer.


I don’t have just one ambition. I don’t care if that’s “wrong” according to business. Then my husband sent me this article he was reading the other day; it mentions the genuine NEED to write down your ideas.


Write down your ideas. See what parts are practical. Discard some. Implement practical ones. Pick ones that will enhance your current work or teach you something new and valuable.


More important than any of that – just GO FOR IT!

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  2. Wise, wise words indeed. I’ve built my business on positivity. It is possible.

    1. And I think it’s a great reminder to surround yourself with the people that support that approach to business too.

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