Wednesday Food Post – Breadmaker

 On the weekend I was given a breadmaker. It was bought at a garage sale for $10 and given to us as a present.


So I got stuck into it. I even read the manual!


The problem is that the only bread we can eat is mutligrain, so there was one recipe I could use.


 Despite not really having the spare cash to buy a lot of ingredients, I gave into my desire to play with my new toy and headed down to Woolies. Who apparently don’t like you making things for yourself – I could barely find all of the ingredients! Luckily I found most of the flours – the only one they didn’t have was gluten flour. My biggest issue is now finding all the grains that make it, well, mutltigrain! I was also a bit annoyed that they only had 1kg bags of milk powder – like I needed to waste $7 on that when a smaller bag would have suited me.  I ended up making seseame seed, pine nut & sunflower kernel dough. It was so lovely and squishy to play with 🙂 Then I turned that into two things:

Apricot (jam) and dark chocolate scrolls. I went a wee bit overboard with the choc drops cos they are fun to play with as I’m cooking.


Bacon, egg, chive cheese & shallot wrap. Topped with parmesan & mixed herbs. OH SO GOOD!


Both quite yummy, but not quite  healthy enough for both of us to eat.


Where do you find your ‘basic elements’ of food?