The Wrong Gut

Around a year ago I had a strong gut feeling. I’d never felt anything like that before. And I’d certainly never had a gut feeling that strong before. I trusted that feeling and had absolute faith in its truth.


It didn’t turn out to be true.


I thought of that feeling this morning as I struggled past numerous little irritations to get to my day job. And the many more irritations once I was at work. The fact that my strong feeling was 100% wrong is wearing on me today.


I wonder what I would do if I had a gut feeling that strong again. Would I trust it? More to the point, how do you trust your gut when it was so blatantly wrong once?


Or was the gut feeling right and I should have stayed passive to listen to it, rather than actively doing what my gut had told me I would never have to do again?


Pure economics forced me to go against my gut. The need to pay rent and put food on the table. I do wonder if I hadn’t had to ignore my gut, what would have been just around the corner for me.


Has a gut feeling ever been 100% wrong for you?

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