Why I’ll never be a Food Blogger



Call me impatient (or hungry) but when I have pretty food in front of me, I want to eat it!

I think I’m fairly creative with quick dinners during the week, and I’d love to share some on here.

But by the time I get home I’ve commuted 3 hours already that day and I’m tired & hungry and just want to eat! So reaching for my camera is just not on the agenda.

The only time I really stop to take photos of food is if I’m pre-cooking, like with my multigrain bacon & egg rolls for breakfast this week:


How do you resist eating when you want to blog your food?

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  1. I’m a food blogger, and admittedly sometimes I’m too hungry to stop and take a picture, blogging about food is an art that you plan start to finish. Blogging about food for me means thinking about your post even before you buy the ingredients – what you’re cooking, how you’re cooking it and the finished result. Think of it more as a hobby and you’ll see, it will make your meal times a lot more pleasurable. 🙂

    1. Yeah that’s true, when I have something I plan to blog, I’m not cooking in a rush so I do remember to stop and take photos 🙂

  2. This is why I made an active decision not to write restaurant reviews on my blog. When I eat in a restaurant I am usually with family or friends and I want to savour the time I have with them; soak up the atmosphere; and appreciate every bite. I may take a quick iphone snap but the quality isn’t high enough for a food blog. I found taking my DSLR intrusive so I made a decision there and then that restaurant reviews weren’t for me. I find I can take more time at home.

  3. The Life of Clare says: Reply

    Haha what a great post! Often ill cook something with the intent of blogging about it bt be so hungry and it’ll never grace the pages of my blog.

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