Druggy Sunday

Today has been a very strange Sunday.


I started out sleeping in until about 7.30am. That’s really late for me.


Then I got distracted reading this site which is all freelancer gifs. I managed to stop halfway to make breakfast. Then I kept reading.


I then somehow ended up spending a few hours reading a conspiracy theory about how the Olympic and the Titanic might have been swapped and the Titanic deliberately sunk as an insurance scam. This was pre-drugs. Then I got sad cos, as the internet does, one thing links to another and I read about people trying to save their pet dogs on the Titanic and dying while hugging them.


Then I suddenly decided I was throwing out clothes. This is very odd, because I get huge stress reactions when I need to clean things out. But I’ve been really calm all day. Apart from the drug parts. But we’ll come to that. I don’t really know what made me start thing. At the start of the year, Nikki Parkinson (of Styling You fame) had her “Unlock your style in 14 days” post series, which included this day about throwing things out. Or ‘editing’, as Nikki much more gently describes it. Then this weekend, I Sarah writes about Rainy Day activities. So I guess when two bloggers that you follow post about it, you have to do it, right?


And so I did!


The "throw" (donate) pile.

The “throw” (donate) pile.


The "keep" pile.

The “keep” pile.

Fabric pile. It has now been sorted into throw and keep piles of its own.

Fabric pile. It has now been sorted into throw and keep piles of its own.



The pile of scarves is going to the wonderful Fridayology.


All the vacuum bags that the clothes were in.

All the vacuum bags that the clothes were in.


The problem was, part way through this I started sneezing and blowing my nose. I ignored it for a while and just turned the fan on in the bedroom, figuring these clothes have been sealed up for ages and of course they are musty. Nope. My body wasn’t taking that for an answer. Sneezes got so big they physically hurt. At this point I dug around the house for an antihistamine and found a single polaramine tablet in my wallet. Took it. Lovely polaramine, I stopped sneezing in a few minutes and felt the soreness of my chest (from the pressure/power of the sneezes) go away.


Since I was being all pro-active like, I loaded the ‘throw’ pile of clothes into the car, and drove to Lifeline.


Two giant bags ready to go to Lifeline

Two giant bags ready to go to Lifeline


So I take them to Lifeline. We go to Woolies and buy some V, which is a waste of money but I justify it by thinking I’ll need it to stay awake since sometimes polaramine can make you sleepy, even though it rarely does to me.


Then I decide I am really hungry and I drive to Hungry Jacks for a burger and onion rings. Which comes to something utterly bloody stupid and expensive like $8.


Then we drive the food to the beach and eat it while watching the rain.


Our vista for lunch

Our vista for lunch


After eating Hungry Jacks and drinking a can of V, I realise I’m actually tired and as nice as the beach is, I don’t like sleeping in cars.


I go home and fall into a strange sleep for an hour or two. While I’m asleep I realise the drugs are actually having an effect on me because the worst I normally get is just a few yawns. But I could hear everything going on around me while I was asleep. Like the asshole hoons up the road from me who got out their motorbike and decided to race up and down the street. I dreamed of calling the hoon hotline and of the police catching them in action, because while I’m all for natural selection & these people wiping themselves out on a pole, it’s not fair to waste emergency services or risk others lives on a bunch of dipshits who ride an unregistered motorbike with no helmets up and down a very quiet street. I guess after a while I stopped hearing noises.


So I slept. At some point I started being sort of aware of my surroundings again and Ben also then told me to wake up since it was about 4.30pm and it was a bit late to be napping.


It took me a while to really wake up. I grabbed my iPad from the coffee table and kept reading. I’m re-reading Hyperbole and a Half from the beginning because, well, it’s Hyperbole and a Half and it’s the reason I love the internet. Ben says I have a different laugh for that site compared to others. So I’m reading and reading and vaguely functioning (aka I change out of shorts and tshirt and into pyjamas) and then I start to blog and I pat Vala and discuss with Ben my severe and urgent need for mashed potato.


I decide to see what’s on tv tonight and the thing that scares me most is that there is a movie starting in eight minutes which I just read about on Hyperbole and a Half. Coinky-dink! So I shall watch that movie as I continue to recover from my drug addled sleep and while I ravenously await my mashed potato.


How was your Sunday?



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  1. Really, really impressed you did the clean out – and that happens to me too re the allergies. Thankfully, it’s non-sleep Claratine that I usually have rolling around in my handbag!!

    1. It was a long time coming! Hence the giant pile. Now I just need to vacuum seal up the rest of it – but now my vacuum has broken haha. My bedroom is still a pile of clothes until we buy a new one.

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