I’ve been good!

For once, I’ve been good. I’ve exercised two straight days in a row.

I took a 45 min walk yesterday after I got home from work.

Sunday I walked about 2.5km, though very slowly as I was also taking time to write & play on Instagram.

(Yes, I decided to rejoin Instagram. My username is 26 Years and Counting. Funny that. I’m actually enjoying exploring it as a social network this time, rather than a bunch of convenient filters.)

Despite these walks not being very long or intense, I can already feel the benefits. I’m not talking weight loss bullshit here, but feeling more positive, having a sense of accomplishment, and a stretched body after a day cramped up at a desk.

It’s so much easier to exercise when the Queensland humidity has gone for the year!!

Plus, if I go for walks I get to see great beach scenes.


How do you motivate yourself to exercise? Do you find it easier in certain seasons?

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