Your past

I recently spent time with someone from my past.


It’s interesting to get to see how you’ve changed.


Generally, I don’t I’ve changed much since high school. But after spending time with someone from my past, I can see that I have changed a lot.


And the biggest change?




I am much better at ignoring the small irritations in daily life that I can’t change. I don’t think it’s obvious to most people, since I complain easily, but it doesn’t sit in my head and cause giant rants like it might have in the past. It now only does this when I’m really tired and I’m pretty quick to recognise it and change my thinking.


I’m a much more patient person too – it feels amazing to type that as I really don’t consider myself patient! But when I compare myself to who I used to be like, I can really see how I’ve changed.


Instead of criticizing right off the bat at anything I don’t 100% love, I can usually accept that it might be right for someone else, even if it isn’t the thing for me.


I’m not talking about giant acts of illegal things or discrimination or anything big. This is about little things in day to day life.


It’s a bit hard to describe, but I’ll give you an example. We had gone out for sushi & the sales person asked the person from my past if they wanted mayonnaise with their sushi. Instead of “no” or “no thank you”, they said “Yuck, why would anyone want that?!” as loudly as possible. It was like they had to scream because otherwise they would be invisible.


I probably would have done that at one time. I’m sure I probably still do it at some things. At least now the worst I get is saying that sort of thing rarely or thinking it occasionally. That’s a huge change.


And all I did to make that change was decide to change! And remind myself of it. A lot.


You know what? It was actually pretty easy.


What have you learned by spending time with someone from your past? Have you found it easy to rid yourself of bad habits & negative thinking?

4 Replies to “Your past”

  1. Tricky question. I’m definitely more emotionally mature – I can deal with adult stuff without falling to pieces now, unlike when I was younger. I think relationships teach you that.
    Also just living life and getting more mature makes you more “steady” I guess – less impulsive and liable to give in to the temptation of instant gratification?

    1. I find I still don’t cope as well with frustration as I’d like to.

  2. I think I have changed huge amounts since high school, since university, since 3 years ago. Not physically, I’ve looked the same since high school, but definitely mentally. I think I’m way more patient, I’m definitely less stressed about things and I like to think that I think about others more than myself.

    1. Those are all great changes? Were they things you put effort into or part of general life experience/maturing?

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