I feel like an adult!

There is an amazing confidence boost at times in your life. Like this morning. I was wearing my good, comfy walking sneakers, jeans, two old (as in, with holes in them) layered singlets, my comfy Intimo wrap and the same scarf I was wearing for Bright Monday this week.


I felt really together!


I was sitting in a little cafe on my way to work, waiting for my perfect bacon & egg sandwich to cook, and enjoying the free wifi to flick through Instagram. What’s better than flicking through photos at the expense of someone else’s data package, really?


I heard my name called, and popped off the stool to collect my breakfast and continue the walk to work.

Best bacon & egg sandwich in Brisbane

Best bacon & egg sandwich in Brisbane

The best part? I didn’t trip on the stoll as I got up, I didn’t drop my breakfast on the floor as I picke it up off the counter.


I bounced down the cafe stairs and thought “Hey, I feel like a functioning adult today!”


Do you have days where you feel like adulthood is going well for you? Share a story!

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