Fruity Face

For once I actually decided to use a sample this week:


I got these from Neutrogena’s Facebook page via a free samples website.

I tried the pink grapefruit face scrub this week. I forgot it was scented & started gigging in the shower because of the smell. My husband came in to see if I was ok, so I told him to sniff my face. He backed out of the room.

It’s rare I like a scented item – usually they either smell foul or like perfume (see foul). But this one is a good mix of what feels like an “actual” smell and …well either way it’s not offensive & it’s not so overpowering it makes me sneeze. So good mix, Neutrogena.

Have you used a product recently that surprised you?

3 Replies to “Fruity Face”

  1. I’ve started using a mascara primer. At first I thought, “this is going to be the make-up version of ‘fries with that?'” but then I used it, and I’m in love with it. BAM, WHOLE NEW ADDICtiON! Does everything it promises, and now it’s in the routine.

  2. Lux body scrub in Tahitian Somethingorother. It smells like Pomegranate and paradise. A random find, one I will buy again! I need to get more samples like you do…

    1. Some people are anti “giving away” their address to companies for samples but I’ve never found anyone who does anything dodgy – plus I only give away to known companies. I went and looked at the price of the scrub to buy it but it was $15 in IGA – it’s nice but that felt expensive to me haha

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