A Pinch and A Punch

Ok, I’ll admit it. I feel more like a good punch. I’ve been stabby and cranky for the good part of a week & can’t snap myself out of it.

Yesterday I discovered my one pair of black work trousers had holes in them. To be fair (do I have to be fair, I don’t really feel like it) they have been worn every day for probably at least a year. But that forced me to go clothes shopping, which I hate! Mostly because I’m completely between sizes & between “normal” and “plus” sized clothes too. So clothes from either area don’t fit me.


I ended up with some $40 black pants from Target. Decent enough price. But that’s $40 I didn’t want to spend or want to spend on work clothes.

And while I’m on the subject, why do we have “work clothes”? I mean, I sit in an office all day & I’m not client facing where the ridiculous corporate image “matters”.

Why can’t I wear comfortable & weather appropriate clothing? I know I work better when I’m not relentlessly tugging my clothes to where I want them to be.

And office clothing just doesn’t suit me. I’m not happy or comfortable in it.

I realised recently that I value clothing differently to many. As my fashion blogger friends would say, have investment pieces. And I do. I have some very comfortable & fairly expensive pieces of clothing that I’ve gathered over the past few years. But they’re not all “work clothes”, technically speaking. However, I look at things like “I’m happy in this, I’m comfortable in this & I like this, therefore it’s the most appropriate clothing for me whenever I want to wear it”.

Full disclosure: I wore my $130 Intimo modal pants while shopping for my $40 pants yesterday. I have contradictory views on things.

And now to be more contradictory to what I just said (because I’m cranky and I want to be contradictory dammit!): I don’t like wearing my favourite clothing to work. I end up viewing it as “tainted” and then I can’t enjoy it if I wear it any other time.

Hello, October. Can someone give me a pinch or a punch to knock me out of this cranky pants hole I’ve dug myself in?

How do you pull yourself out of a funk?

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