Strip Taco

Strip Taco

Yep, I invented a game. I’m not really sure how. I wasn’t stripping or eating tacos when I thought it up. It just sort of popped in up there.


Strip Taco


Strip Taco has been planned and designed* with those people in mind who really love cooking shows.


*lies, all lies, this wasn’t planned or designed at all.


The best part about this game is you can play it on your own, with others, or on the internet (probably just the food part, otherwise it’s NSFW).


How it works:

  1. Prep Taco ingredients
  2. Make a taco
  3. Person who makes the worst taco loses an item of clothing
  4. Repeat


You can eat the tacos, or not. That depends how hungry you are.


Now, as yet this is a totally untested game. It will probably remain that way.


I was going to sign off with “let me know how this goes for you” but I don’t really know if I need that much feedback on your lives. I mean, I love it when people read my blog and all that, but we need some kind of boundaries (says the person who blogged about this in the first place). So, uh, have a good day? Sheesh, this is an awkward post to write an ending for. Maybe I should just stop typing…


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  1. Ahahahahaha, this is priceless! I’m not sure it would go down so well at a dinner party, and the judging of the taco, being qualitative would strike up all kinds of amusing arguments…

    1. Hmm, maybe I need to come up with some taco judging criteria and update the post.

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