Incompetence and Survival Preparation

Incompetence and survival preparation

As the first storms fro 2014 flew in over Brisbane the other week, I came to a realisation about how general incompetence actually goes well with survival preparation. I know. You’re sitting there thinking more along the lines of Darwin Awards rather than survival when you read the word incompetence. But, it does work, and works well.


Incompetence and survival preparation


You see, we have a vase that I found in a Lifeline Op Shop. It was about $8 and it’s awesome.


In that vase, we usually keep a candle. Because candles are pretty.


I have headlamps. Because they’re fun. And because I’m a bit incompetent and I lose things under the couch a lot and the headlamps come in handy for retrieving said random items.


These headlamps are generally dumped on the top of the same cabinet as the candle & vase. Mostly because I don’t know where else to keep them. So, when a storm is coming, all I need to do to prepare for loss of electricity is light a candle. Then, when power is lost, I can easily get to the candle, which means I can get to my headlamps and voila! I have light where I need it.


See, in this instance, incompetence DOES help your survival preparation!

And this storm was a beauty. Check out some of the photos here.


Do any aspects of your life work well, even though they’re unplanned?

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