9 Replies to “Comfort Lifestyle: Comfort Food”

  1. Mmmm… Mersey Valley is my fave… with some quince paste. Drool.

    1. Cheese and quince paste is the bomb!

    2. Yum!!

  2. I got through different stages with my comfort food. Sometimes it will be something sweet, sometimes savoury, sometimes a mix of the two. I love Camembert cheese though. I just wish dairy loved me as much as I love it!

    1. Oh camembert is good!

  3. My comfort food is usually crunchy. Except when it’s fudge / rocky road.

    Oh, but does alcohol count? 😉

    1. It always counts 🙂 And remember that joke that floats around – alcohol is technically a solution lol

  4. I was quite enjoying some blue camembert I found the other day on slices of cucumber. Just a little bit healthy?! 🙂

    1. Oh I love a good blue! The stronger the better 🙂

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