Be My Guest: Kate Toholka

Be My Guest Kate Toholka

Happy Saturday! This week I have Kate Toholka from Read on!


What do you love about your life?

The boy I get to spend my time with. The dog that melts my heart every day. The house my partner designed and built that gets to keep me warm and holds so much potential for incredible memories. Unlimited chocolate because it’s the bees knees. And blogging – to be able to make a living from this is just makes me so in love with my life.


Be My Guest Kate Toholka


Why did the chicken cross the road?

I don’t know. I want to find the damn chicken and ask it.


If a llama learned to fly a plane, where do you think they would fly to first?

Africa. So it can play hide-and-seek with giraffes.


What’s your advice for humanity?

Don’t forget how healing, enlightening and ground-breaking human contact is. The internet makes for a smaller more connected world, but also ironically, an isolated world. Reconnect in person without technology. And lace that connection with kindness. Great things come from the smallest of acts.


Kate Toholka
Kate Toholka


Flog your blog!

If you say so.

You can see my (pretty) mug every Tuesday on #KateTV talking all things ‘getting your shit together’ at I’m a psych-nerd, so expect lots of mind-jujitsu. I’m also an Occupational therapist by trade, so expect lots of practicality and inspired action.

You’d particularly like it if you are a blogger or own a business. I’m on a mission to help you keep your cool whilst trying to make it big in the business world. My most viral blog post was ’10 things no one told me about starting your own business’, which is a relief as I thought I was the only one who thought these things! I also started an online magazine called Candid Class, which features candid tell-all interviews with inspiring businesswomen. This will have its own platform in 2015 so stay tuned!

You can also find me over at, which is the community of aspiring trailblazers I lead. You’re most welcome to join us and collaborate with us!



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