LaughLink: Crowd Sourced Story

Laugh Link: Crowd Sourced Story

The title of this post is fairly self-explanatory. After a few weeks of heavy behind-the scenes work (all will be revealed this week) I was out of ideas for Laugh Link, plain and simple!! What else does a blogger do but put it to the internet? I offered people the chance to give me some words and I would write them a story. Thanks to everyone who gave me a suggestion!


Laugh Link: Crowd Sourced Story


The daffodil forrest was growing. In fact, it was so thick that you couldn’t tell there was a penis AND a catfish hidden in it. The peanut turned slowly. He knew something was there. He peeked over the gingerbread and jumped onto the towel, but slid over on the paid of roller skates that were hidden under the towel. The crunchie was looking on discreetly. They had been divorced for a week now, but it didn’t stop the crunchie from wanting a huggie.


The fluffy cabbage had been watching the entire scene. Slowly, a trickle of salty water slid down the cabbage’s face and dripped onto the onion bagel, causing the bagel to drop only one spoon from its fist.



You know the drill: link up a new or old funny post, check out some other blogs if you want, and most of all, enjoy! 


The Laugh Link members are:

Emily from Have a Laugh on Me | Kimberley from Melbourne Mum | Vanessa from 26 Years and Counting (aka me!)


8 Replies to “LaughLink: Crowd Sourced Story”

  1. I saw you asking for suggestions! I love it as it makes absolutely no sense at all. I can imagine someone using the text at a poetry reading though!

    1. Haha I’ve done these before when I’m bored, just for family and friends. It’s a fun writing exercise.

  2. You’ve just ruined bagels for me. For real.

    1. Cry me a …bagel? 😉

  3. But I love an everything bagel with scallion, it’s a NYC thing!

    1. Writing about bagels made me buy one for lunch today haha

  4. Oh wow – Its funny but I didn’t understand it, read it twice and thought yep – brilliant writing cause it flowed from one scene to another even though I was laughing hard at the “Penis and CATFISH” sentence 🙂

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