Recipe Books I Could Write

Recipe Books I Could Write

Welcome to Laugh Link day! For some reason, cookbooks and recipe books popped into my head on the weekend. Now, I don’t cook using a recipe, I just…cook. So I wondered, what would happen if I suddenly got a book contract? Here are the recipe books I could write.


Recipe Books I Could Write


The Anti-Recipe Book: Just Fucking Fry It


Sausages – Bunnings Doesn’t Do It Better


Tuna – Not Just For Students


Roast Dinner – “Set & Forget” Meals


The Real Steps To Packet Mix Baking


Also, because the entire thing bugs me:

The Quick Guide To Plating:

  • Is it on a plate?
  • If yes, eat.
  • If no, put it on a plate, then eat it


What recipe book could you write?
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8 Replies to “Recipe Books I Could Write”

  1. You are SO right on here sista. I used to just food blog, and it’s a great genre, but the pressure to be perfect that I felt was bordering on hysteria. I do think that cooking shows have been positive than negative – but the plating wankery – aaaagh, the painting and smearing of food! Just leave it together and bung it on the plate!!!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I love trying new food and going to foodie shows but I don’t like the excessive styling and all that “stuff” that comes with it. I must admit I don’t watch cooking shows because just the ads alone bug me – so I’m completely out of touch on the latest famous chef…

  2. “The Quick Guide to Plating” = ROTFL. Might not be a long book though… 😉

    Let me see what I could write:
    – 2 minute packet rice: a girl’s best friend
    – Interesting ways with Noodles
    – Pantry Scrounger: how to avoid going to the shops
    – Cooking for the world’s fussiest man: a cheat’s guide!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Those are gold!! The last two are ones you could sell easily.

  3. Cook books I should write:

    2 minute noodles can be gourmet! (Lowering of standards possibly required!)

    The three ingredient Vegemite sandwich (includes variations)

    Meals that don’t require attention

    Thermomix- Thank God for You

    20 ways with tinned tomatoes!

    What to do with weet-bix

    Eggs for any meal

  4. Love it. If I used cookbooks I’d use those 4 ingredient ones as I’m super lazy. Well, plus I cook the same things all of the time. Steak and potato, chicken and rice, steak (stir fry and rice), chicken and potato.

    I did Weight Watchers earlier in the year and was a bit adventurous but… meh.


  5. Too funny. Mine would be along the lines, this might not be worth photographing but it still tastes alright.

  6. I’d be up for those books – love the fry it one! My recipe book.

    Move over five second rule, hello one hour rule!

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