What I Loved: No Energy Edition

Serenity Book

It’s actually quite hard to write a “what I loved” post when you’re tired! I found out this week that I am borderline low iron, so my GP has suggested I start iron supplements for three months. She doesn’t expect me to feel any better for 2-3 weeks though. Which is a bit sucky, to be honest. It’s a struggle enough to find the energy for work, let alone the things I need to do to be happy. But I’m getting there slowly.


Having said that, it’s certainly not all bad right now. Last weekend I found the novelisation of Serenity, which I read on my commute and in my lunch break in one day.

Serenity Book


And I ate this giant, delicious BLT while I was reading it:



On my way home from work one day last week, I was digging around in my bag and found chocolate! I forgot that I had given in to the Woolworths mark down checkout temptation and bought a $1 roll of chocolate. Day made!

Surprise Chocolate


Unless you’ve been offline and dry and somewhere NOT in Queensland, you’d know that a massive category 5 cyclone crossed the central coast a few days ago. From what I’ve read, there have been no deaths or serious injuries, which is so amazing. It was so strange to see a low develop into such a severe cyclone in 24 hours. I’m very grateful that it weakened into a tropical low before getting to me. The last low we had come over us (in 2013) had nearly cyclone strength wind gusts and was a scary night. Thankfully this one was only rain. I left work early Friday because rain was flooding our garage already and I wanted to sandbag it. Unfortunately the SES was out so I made do with what I had. Which was a big pile of dog towels. Thankfully it worked and the appliances stayed dry, though it got pretty close. I spent some time sweeping the water away when it was getting too close. At least as fast as my garage floods, it empties! And it usually only gets ankle deep.

Garage flooding



This I just had to include, because:

witty trash can


Because we’re big kids at heart, we bought an off-brand Jenga at Kmart for $6 and have been building ALL THE THINGS with it.

not jenga


I have been looking for an overight bag for a few months now, but haven’t really seen anything I like. Or that I can afford. If I was able to spend a few hundred dollars then there’s plenty I like. But somehow I don’t think that’s a justification to not pay bills… I was nearly home today when I remembered I had wanted to go to Lifeline, so I turned around and went. Excellent decision. I found this overnight bag for $4! It’s in near perfect condition. I’ll be taking some better photos of it soon, I’m sure. But yay, finally found something I’ve been looking for!

overnight bag



But, even better than a new overnight bag (if you can believe there is such a thing) is the table and chairs we bought for $179 in the same op shop. Yep. A 7 piece dining room set (this table and these chairs – or nearly identical ones. I can never quite tell with Ikea). It extends out too, so you can have plenty of space for dinners.

dining room table


How was your week? What did you love? 


4 Replies to “What I Loved: No Energy Edition”

  1. Your op shop finds are so awesome! So great when you find things you need in good condition. Glad you weren’t flooded too! My pool filled up a lot but thankfully didn’t overflow!

    1. I was pretty happy! I’ve found op shops and garage sales are like that for me – feast or famine. Ben also found something he was looking for in an op shop too – so we each got one thing we were looking for plus the dining room table.
      I saw a few pools that looked like they were about to overflow with all the rain last week. One motel down the road I think it was overflowing because there was a LOT of water running down their driveway to the road.

  2. Some of the girls at work say that you can get, (from a chemist) iron infused liquid, which absorbs faster and make you feel better sooner. Another tip: iron supplements can wreck havoc on your intestines, so add extra vegies to your diet when taking iron. Vegies high in Vitamin C improve iron uptake a little bit more as well. P.S. love the new bag!

    1. Hmm. Haven’t heard of the liquid. My GP did warn me to eat more veggies and she also told me to get one with vit c in it, which I have.

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