#2015TheYearOfMe Weekly Challenge 8

2015TheYearOfMe Sense of smell

This week for #2015TheYearOfMe I want to focus on a sense that we often overlook easily. Smell. It’s easy to notice when something smells bad, but it’s harder to go out of your way to notice or create something that smells good.


On the weekend I decided to use up some travel shampoo bottles that I  have collected from hotels in recent years. Not being a particularly girly girl, I was surprised to notice that I liked my hair smelling slightly differently.


This week I would encourage you to use up those leftover hotel shampoo bottles, to dig out that sample from the cupboard under the sink and try a new smell!


2015TheYearOfMe Sense of smell


If you’re a perfume wearer, this is a great reason to pull out a special occasion one and wear it one day this week – see if it gives you a boost!


Please tell me it’s not only me that collects little shampoo bottles but then never uses them!


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