Brain Shambles

I’ve felt very muddled this week. I probably shouldn’t have blogged last week that things are settled, because I think I was testing karma or something.


Yesterday I kept forgetting the smallest things. Like I bought a new book in an op shop & forgot to put it in my bag to read it. The book was in my car, which was close, but it was too hard to go get it.


I had some time to kill and I didn’t know when to eat lunch so I ate lunch and then ate a snack.


I woke up yesterday feeling so energetic & then felt exhausted & achey by the time part of the day was over.


Sadly that has happened a few days this week. I’m not sure if I’m sick (classic new office, new bug syndrome) or if it’s because I had a few days recently where I only took my iron tablets every other day. No real reason, I just kept forgetting. Or maybe it’s both.


I guess changes in routines throw you off too. And changes in weather. And constant allergies…




Eating Maltesers help, right? Especially ones on sale. I’m pretty sure that’s medicine*, right there.


*FYI, that’s not actually medicine. Just in case you like following health fads online. Not that I’m cynical about such things.


How’s your week going?


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