What I Loved: The Beach

cleaning my desk

Sunday morning, so it’s time for What I Loved this week!


On Tuesday I was going to clean my desk so that it’s useable, but the closest I got was taking this photo:


cleaning my desk


My maturity skyrocketed this week when I kept gigging at this sign in Bunnings:


bunnings screw signs


Then, still in Bunnings, there was a fantastic display of irony:


the irony saw
The Irony Saw – good band name?


I scored this for $3.50 in Typo! Love a markdown section 🙂


Shit To Do Typo Notepad


I love Udon Noodle Soups – grabbed this for lunch when there was enough time to go home but not enough time to nap one day!


Udon Noodle Soup


My dog was giving out watchful, suspicious eyes this week:


Vala suspicious eyes


The sky was fantastic when we went for a walk on the beach this week – and the water was perfectly see-through and nice and cool to walk in. Love this time of year!!


beach sky


At one point, I was walking just in the edge of the ocean, and I turned to my right and saw a person…out in the ocean, standing up. Totally threw me for a second. Naturally, it was a stand up paddleboarder:




I saw this sign up when I was out and thought it was a great idea; I’ve got to say, the serenity of the beach in the morning is easily ruined by people yelling at each other from bikes or from boot camps on the beach.

cyclists be quiet


And then it was back to the beach again for fresh air. I love the air this time of year. The humidity has gone and it feels so nice to get to breathe non air conditioned, non wet air.


beach sitting


I started a new book this week – it’s a bit old now but it’s interesting so far:


the wal mart effect


Last night was sheer perfection. A great fire, a hammock, and watching Serenity on the outdoor screen. My idea of a perfect Saturday night!


serenity fire and hammock


And then the fire was turning different colours:


blue fire


What did you love this week?


5 Replies to “What I Loved: The Beach”

  1. Those clouds! I love looking at clouds and the shapes they make. I could cloud spot for hours and not get bored of it! Looks like you had a great week, and how good is your weather? Please send some our way. I haven’t tidied my desk for about 3 years, but I left my job on Friday and everyone was in shock, not at me leaving, but at the big reveal of the clean desk! Hope your weekend is looking as wonderful as your week x

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I love cloud porn 🙂 Especially summer storms! Weather is so great here in Brisbane right now, finally less humidity. I felt a bit guilty having such good weather with NSW getting such a hammering. I hope the job leaving is working well for you 🙂

  2. I loved your book choice and Bunnings irony!!! I loved that after a very wet start to this week it finally stopped raining – yay!!!!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Yay, no more rain is a good thing!

  3. Your Udon Noodle Soup looks super yum. I have cleaning my desk at the top of my to-do list tomorrow. I must! It is getting ridiculous!

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