Why I Don’t Want To Lean In

I feel like no matter where I go, online, in magazines, in popular culture, “they” are still telling women that we have to climb the ladder. If you don’t have any desire to do that, the tone of some articles and people is that you’re “letting down” what “they” have worked for.


Now, my definition of feminism is the real definition, that of equality. That is the perspective I write from.


Granted, I haven’t read the book that started this lean in popularity. But also, I have seen this attitude displayed by others in the talk show/pseudo celebrity area.


Not one of the speakers or comments I have ever seen have ever said “Hey, go work for yourself!!”


That’s why I don’t want to lean in. I don’t want to fight some corporate ladder and what not. I’ve never, ever wanted that. The thought bores me to tears. I want to decide these things on my own terms. I want to work for myself.


What is this telling people who want to do that?


Granted, maybe they are talking from personal experience and want to empower women in any way they can to take their own path. But that’s not how it comes across to me.


Where are the people who talk to those who want to work for themselves? Why is the assumption in society that of employment forever? Employment sure as hell isn’t stable or forever these days! Time to bust down those misconceptions and do what mix works for you.


Do you ever feel like “leaning in”?


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  1. I actually just bought the book to read about the hype. I can’t comment really until I’ve read it. Having said that, if what you are referring to is about women needing to get to leadership positions, well for that, I reckon each to their own. I know I don’t want to be a manager in the system I work in because it’s toxic and I’d prefer to work face-to-face with clients and do more good than deal with operational crap. In a similar vein, I reckon if women want to start their own business {which many are}, well then good on them! I would like to think that the ‘lean in’ message to get to the top is more for women who want that but can’t seem to get there thanks to glass-ceiling problems.

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