A Sort Of $89 Grocery Shop

$109 Coles Shop

I paid electricity and rego this fortnight. Yay for having a car and electricity, boo for the cost of them, am I right?


Anyway, with those slight dents to my bank balance, I wanted to do a smallish shop. But again, when I wanted to do a smallish shop, it fell on a bit more of a stock up cycle. Because that’s how it works, right? I did have a big stash of FlyBuys points, so I cashed those in and used $20 of them to reduce the bill a bit. So technically it was a $109 shop, but it only cost me $89. I don’t exclusively shop for points for any program, but I have ended up going to Coles more than IGA or Woolies recently, and that’s mostly that my local IGA has gone downhill in quality (as in we’ve often had to throw away meat we’ve bought there) and Woolies seems to be putting up the price of many items I use, so I got the shits with them (and their slow registers) which has kind of left me with Coles by default. When Coles goes downhill (no one stays good for long!) then I’m sure I’ll be back at one of the others…


I don’t often mention that our fruit and veg rarely come from a supermarket, as I think the quality at any of them is crap. We buy from a small shop a few doors from our house. Same goes for fresh bread, that comes from our corner store. This fortnight we decided to go a bit budget on the veggies and stick to carrots and frozen peas/corn. We pretty much always have bags of frozen veg in the freezer, it’s too convenient not to! We’ll probably pick up some apples from a market or the corner shop on the weekend. So while we are averaging $100-150/fortnight for groceries, that does not include fruit and veg.


A Sort Of $89 Grocery Shop



$109 Coles Shop



Do you shop for points on any rewards systems? Do you use them to give yourself an extra monetary buffer for weeks when your gut says you might need it?


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  1. Groceries add up so damn fast! Yay for $20 bonus money though.

  2. I don’t use fly buys because I’m paranoid about people knowing what I buy and spamming my email. Weirdo I know. Mind you we have a Dan Murphy’s loyalty card. Coles is my dead set fave. I know exactly which aisle to go to in any Coles in Australia. I’m currently being tested in my new location.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Haha so long as you have the loyalty card for what really matters 🙂

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