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This week has been a weird mix of feeling better (yay antibiotics) and lots of aches and weakness. Maybe with my infection going I can feel the aches and weakness more? Do bodies even work that way? I guess when you’ve been sick for a month and a half you also don’t just get better overnight.


And speaking of overnight – last night I had another really creepy, really realistic dream. I’ve had really realistic ones before.


I had come back from holidays and really wanted to go out and get my film developed becuase I didn’t remember the holiday and wanted to know where we had been. I was in some kind of holiday apartment, waiting with people (I don’t tend to get specific people in dreams, you’re just familiar/unfamiliar) – it felt like I’d been on holiday with two friends and we were in one of those friends apartments on the beachfront with some of their family members. Anyway, I was really anxious to leave and get my film developed but someone was in the shower and taking their time, so we were all sitting around a room waiting to leave.


While we were waiting around, we heard a massive explosion. I tried to jump over a couch or bed (or something) to hide from it, but the shockwave caught me in midair. The really creepy part was that it actually felt like my organs were being buffeted around by the shockwave. The shockwave was also coming from the opposite direction to the explosion, but hey, #dreamlogic.


We decided to stay in the building because it was earthquake proof, and in dream land that means explosion proof too, I assume. I could see outside at some point and there were fireies running into buildings, and other fireies at a picnic table having lunch. Some people were walking calmly past on the beach and footpath, others were running, screaming and covered in blood. It was weird to look outside.


There was another, smaller (but closer) explosion and I was crouched over to protected my stomach and non-bone protected organs. I stayed crouched over, not sure if there would be more. I felt what I decided was a mosquito bite on my arm, but that I knew was a needle. I stayed crouched over and thought “it’s ok, I trust the people I’m with”. Then I turned around anyway, and saw that it was a needle. I asked them what they’d given me and they said chloroform. It was meant to make us sleep so we didn’t mind the explosions. I gasped and they knew I was mad. I said I was a survivor and they didn’t have the right to. They said it was their right to do this to us all, and I saw them do it to someone else. Then I started to struggle with staying awake or falling asleep.


That’s about the last thing I can remember from the dream – I woke up with a pretty fast heartbeat, feeling quite disturbed and didn’t really sleep after that. I could hear my neighbour’s air con/heating hum vaguely from bed, and it took me a while to feel like I wasn’t in a hotel room/apartment and come back to reality!


I still don’t know if the person stopping me from developing the film ever got out of the shower though.





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7 Replies to “#ArchiveLove 25”

  1. Omg what an awful dream! I hate nightmares like that- all fear and confusion 🙁

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      It was so strange and hard to drag myself out of it once I woke up. The strangest part was actually feeling the sensation of the shockwave.

  2. This is so epic! It reminds me of my own dreams. I seem to always have epic ones. I loathe boring dreams, like the ones where you dream your morning routine from start to finish. Yawn!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Haha yeah the boring ones are a bit like “let me sleep, I’m going to make breakfast soon anyway!”

  3. I hate the confused state your in when you wake up from a dream.

  4. Wow what a dream, you must have been exhausted when you woke up. Not linking up this week as we are still away. Glad you are beginning to feel better.

  5. I have fewer dreams these days but really dislike the ones that are so real you think it’s happened! I am glad your anti-biotic is helping. Finally remembered to link up today too. Thanks!

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