Blogging About Blogging

Blogging About Blogging

Change happens. Life, blogging… sometimes change is the only consistent thing! As you may know, I took time off of Bloggers and Bacon earlier this year. I didn’t publish new content. I was just plain worn out by being sick and I didn’t have the ability to write in more than one place. Heck, I barely had the ability to write here. My plan had been to come back to publishing new content when I felt better. I had planned for that start to be in August. I had content ready and scheduled. And then one day last week, I logged into Bloggers and Bacon to see how many posts I had scheduled, as I couldn’t remember. And I felt tired. Not by the content, but buy the need to log in somewhere else. I know, it’s really small. But it bothered me. I’ve been so tired in the past year that I think I’m craving simple.


Blogging About Blogging


Blogging About Blogging


So I’ve decided to re-start blogging about blogging here. I already have a category on my blog that’s all about blogging, so that’s where you’ll be able to find the posts.


Some of the why and how

I have been thinking about this for ages and I guess in the end, this is the do or don’t time, if I’m ready to re-start. I still love the name and I’m keeping the URL and all social media accounts. I’m not giving them up! (I can’t give them up!)


One of the reasons that I think it’s better to combine them is the kind of “blogging about blogging” that I did on Bloggers and Bacon. I didn’t really like the “how to” stuff. I struggled (still struggle, actually) to really define how I wrote about blogging – the best I’ve come up with so far is that I wrote about the grey areas and nuances. The conversational parts? I’m still not sure how to define it, clearly! And that’s kind of the same as how I write here.


I know a nicheless blog like NormalNess is “bad” according to “experts” but I like it and well, I don’t care about the rest as long as I like it. (Which is basically what all of my blogging advice comes down to, if you want to know. If you like it then you do it. As long as it’s legal – which I’ll put in there because apparently on the internet the freaking obvious needs to be stated.)


More of the techy side

The email lists for both blogs are actually run out of the one ConvertKit account (which they know and are ok with, I raised it with them when I started using them as my mailing list provider), so for those people who are interested in blogging only, they’ll still receive only that content. I’m still going to keep my eCourse and eBook for sale, as I think they’re valuable. 


I’ve decided to extend my Pay What You Want deal on my eCourse and eBook for another month – so until the end of August you can pay what you want for my eBook (usually $7) and eCourse (usually $75). Personally, I’d go take advantage of that if I were you 🙂


I’ve chosen to not actively redirect the content from Bloggers and Bacon to here. I’m going to pretty much do a manual copy and paste of the content. I went into my traffic on Bloggers and Bacon and I had given it such little love there wasn’t enough value in my book to pay someone to set up redirects for me (I don’t have the time or energy capacity to learn how to do it myself right now). I’m not sure how that will play out with duplicate content with regards to Google, but again, oh well. I write for me, not Google.


The other thing this does is actually save me money. It’s one less set of blog hosting to pay for, and one less platform I need to pay for in my social media scheduling tools. That’s not an insignificant thing when you’re not really a money making blogger (and as I’ve written about – and will link to once I’ve transferred the post over – that’s totally ok with me, but reality is that it does have an impact).


What you’ll see

Because Bloggers and Bacon was a smaller blog than this, I’ve decided to republish the blog posts, rather than put them straight into my archives. There’s a good chance you might have seen the posts before, but based on comparing my own stats, I think there’s just a good of a chance that you haven’t seen them! I’ve also mentioned before that my day job is highly cyclical with work loads, so having pre-existing content to publish will help me out personally during the upcoming peak period.


Of course, if you’re not interested in posts about blogging, then just skip those and go read something you do like! That’s totally fine with me. Actually I pretty much expect that of people – skip what you don’t like (uh, so long as it’s not like a human rights violation or something) and keep reading what you do like.


Anyway, this post was mostly just to let you know the why behind it all, so onward and upward!


24 Replies to “Blogging About Blogging”

  1. Multiple blogs is really hard work. I’ve tried it a few times and ended up deciding I was happy to be nicheless rather than split my time too much. I still wonder occasionally if I should pull my book reviews out and put them somewhere else, but they feel very much like Debbish now that it’d be hard to do that I think…

    Either way, I think doing what is best for us – mentally and emotionally – is a good thing. I missed personal blogging when I took my recent break. It occurs to me that I could grow my blog more if I again participated in more linkups or wrote more personal posts but – though I’m enjoying it – once a week is kinda okay for me at the moment. xx #teamlovinlife

    1. I think there’s a great sense of freedom to a nicheless blog.

  2. I totally agree in making things easier for your self! I look forward to reading more of your posts about blogging here.

    I recently started a second instagram account, this time about food and already I’m wondering if this was a good idea!


    1. I have so many IG accounts haha. I only focus on two of them right now though. My personal one and my travel blog one.

  3. I can understand your decision. I don’t think (actually I know) that I could handle managing more than one blog. Combining into one blog makes sense. I really enjoy reading posts about blogging by the way. Look forward to seeing what you post. 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

    1. It’s more mentally hard than actually hard. Which sounds super weird.

  4. I think you’re making a good choice and I for one really love when you blog about blogging! I don’t mind revisiting what you’ve written! I have kept my blog nicheless so to speak, because I get restless and I need an outlet that allows me to just follow my creativity where it leads. Like you say, it might break some of the ‘rules’ but I hope that because it’s really about my life and my mind at the end of the day, I hope my readers can get to know me through it and build a connection.
    I think I’d still run it if nobody read it. Gotta do it for the love!

    1. Love has got to be first – otherwise all these hours of blogging would just be too sad to think about haha.

  5. Perfect decision, it seems to be a time for many of us to decide to simplify life one way or another. I will be happy to follow along on this blog and thanks so much for having hosted Archive Love. I am sorry I haven’t played along in recent weeks; I have been overwhelmed with changing hosting, getting my site cleaned up and now today I have my SSL set up finalised. I am so happy about all of that after so many hassles and now feeling like I am on the road to a ‘bloggy recovery’. Cheers!

    1. It is good to simplify. And especially seeing as this was how I started blogging about blogging in the first place.

  6. I think combining them is a great idea – I started a second blog and it lasted for 5 minutes because I just couldn’t invest the time and effort into maintaining two blogs and their social media – I’ll be checking in to read your blogging about blogging posts – there’s always something new to learn.

    1. It is a strange level of energy to have more than one blog, that’s for sure.

  7. I have 4 blogs – 2 of which are clearly stand alone & have no cross over traffic – an astrology blog & an author blog – and my everything else blog (and anyways) and one specifically targeted to the Sunshine Coast. Stuff I post on the Sunshine Coast blog I also post on and anyways – but not vice versa…if that makes sense. It’s tough to know what is best.

    1. I do also have a mostly abandoned travel blog but I’m keeping it! One day I’ll be able to travel again…

  8. Perfect decision. Maintaining just two blogs does my head in sometimes and just keeping up with the relentless amount of work is a juggle. Will watch your space ?

    1. It must be hard to keep up with two to the standard that you do.

  9. I have 2 but I only write on one once a month (the travel one) – at the moment I can’t even do this one…my laptop is dying and I must get the tax done! Not sure if I’ll even comeback fully this term while all this is going on….it’s all good! I think they can up and down as our mood takes us…but then I make so little money I don’t know if I’d listen to my advice…

    1. Ugh don’t remind me about tax haha. I’m putting mine off as I just don’t wanna!

  10. I enjoy nicheless blogging, and reading nicheless blogs. For me, it’s generally the person and personality behind the blog that keeps me reading.

    1. Same here 🙂

  11. I’m so glad to see the advice ‘if you like it, then you do it’ from an experienced blogger. And I can only imagine how much energy you’d have to put into more than one blog – I’m completely overwhelmed at times by how much there is to learn and work on for just one.

    1. It really is the only sustainable and authentic way to blog – you have to like and do what suits you!

  12. Yep – Onward and upward! #teamlovinlife

    1. Onward indeed 🙂

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