#ArchiveLove 36


After my big (well, to me) announcement yesterday I felt a bit sad. I wish I did have the energy/ability to run multiple blogs (because I still love the names) but it is a relief to have decided finally. Why is making the decision so much harder than the actual doing?


I was at my doctors last night with another check up on my throat and good news – the stitch isn’t a stitch. And the white patches I can see are not infection, just scabs. That’s good. I REALLY REALLY did not want any more antibiotics. For a long time! So it’s just some patience and ignoring the irritation in my throat (or taking ibuprofen for it) while it finishes healing.






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3 Replies to “#ArchiveLove 36”

  1. Off to read yesterdays post but it sounds like good news on the health front?

  2. Glad you’re just scabby. There’s a sentence I have never before uttered! One day those scabs will be gone and you will only ever take antibiotics once every three years like a normal person. Then you really will be ‘normal Ness!’ X

  3. Good to hear you are getting better. I don’t know how you can run two blogs anyway!!

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