How To Ask A Brand For More Money

Sometimes it is unclear if a brand is paying for the content when you receive a pitch….or sometimes they offer an amount but it’s not an amount you will work for. But, you still want to work with them. What do you do? Ask!


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If you’re new to this type of work, it can be hard to know how to phrase that email, so that’s why this template exists. You can use it to get started on what you want to write to the brand and discuss with them.


How To Ask A Brand For More Money


How To Ask A Brand For More Money


Dear NAME,


Thank you for the opportunity to work with BRAND/COMPANY.


I appreciate your interest in BLOG NAME – we/I are a proud to maintain a site of high quality content that resonates with our/my readers.


I would love to work with BRAND/COMPANY. I think this CAMPAIGN/POST would benefit my readers by INSERT REASON and provide great exposure/OTHER REASON for BRAND/COMPANY.


I have attached my current FEE SCHEDULE/MEDIA KIT for your perusal. Please note that SPONSORING/WORKING WITH ME includes promotion on all my social media channels, which reaches NUMBER OF READERS. Can substitute this for other selling point/unique variables to you e.g. engaged readers.


As per the attached FEE SCHEDULE/MEDIA KIT, for this CAMPAIGN/POST my rate is $three gazillion dollars.


I look forward to working with you and BRAND/COMPANY.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me on PHONE/EMAIL if you have any questions.


Have a great day.


Kind regards,




Have you ever asked for money (or more money) from a brand? How did it go?


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  1. This is a great template!

    I *have* asked a brand for more money before. It’s mostly worked well; I think, honestly, some places are just trying their luck when they quote you a ridiculously low offer (the amount of times I’ve been offered $20…!), and aren’t surprised when you come back to them and say “your proposal sounds great, but ___ is my rate.”

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