Is This Too Obvious To Blog About?

Is This Too Obvious To Blog About?


Is This Too Obvious To Blog About?


Never think that information is too simple. I was thinking about freelance income goals and other businessey “things” at the start of 2018. I signed up for lots of eCourses, because I’m finally at a stage where I can say yay or nay to the relevancy of the information without being bogged down in the shoulds that others are giving via their content.


One free eCourse I took was about freelance writing. It gave a tip that is SO OBVIOUS and I had never done it. They suggested searching “write for us”. I had never thought of that. Gah. I felt so stupid. Then I went and did it straight away.


I think this is a really good example of how obvious you can go and it will help someone.


What was the last piece of obvious advice that really helped you?


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  1. I never thought about that…that would be an easy way to try and pitch! 😛 Hmm I’m sure there are lots of obvious things I’ve not realised but can’t think of one at the moment. Probably because it’s almost bedtime

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