Randoms 17

CW: Plane crashes. (Yes, I do blog about a weird range of stuff.)


Randoms 17


Randoms 17


Planes & Insurance

When I was doing all my insurancey stuff the other year, I noticed a lot of exclusions in PDS’s for private air travel. (Eg they don’t pay out your life insurance if you die in private aviation crash.) Then I came across this:


“…despite conducting only 21 per cent of flights, private and business operations had 77 per cent of accidents, and 84 per cent of fatal accidents from 2008 to 2017” (source).


Woah, I don’t like a lot of the BS insurance companies do/act/behave etc but I can kinda see the reasoning behind this one.


When I Was Off Work Sick The Other Week…

I don’t know how to explain it, but I got my hair confused with a toilet seat.


I heard the dump truck coming and thought “Oh good, an egg.”


Blissfully Useless

I had 5 days off work in a row and it was wonderful. Much has gone on this year and I think these days were the first days off where I wasn’t really limited by anything (aka pain). If I wanted to go do something, I did it. If I wanted to sleep in, I did. If I wanted to wake up for the sunrise, I did. I took my camera out to go plane spotting. I recorded a new podcast episode (on self publishing). I went to a beach I haven’t been to in a while. I made no progress on my books because I didn’t feel like being in front of a computer screen.


Two Days

I tell you what, I could get used to working two days a week and having five off. But that would make me homeless and unable to pay rent and all that fancy shit. Sigh. Push that aside.


Gym etc

I decided to quit my gym. Not because I dislike my gym (I actually like it a lot) but because my body is annoying. It’s totally unpredictable when I have energy (thanks vitamin D deficiency hurting my muscles) and am pain free enough (thanks shoulder injury at work in February that can still flare up) and I got tired of wanting to go and being unable and then thinking oh I’ll suspend the membership so I’m not paying as much but oh today I could have gone and then for two weeks after I’m unable to… gym memberships aren’t for those who are unable to be consistent.


I’m thinking of getting a cross trainer for home to make it easier to jump on for a few min at a time and slowly build up. I might be able to get one from some family for free (gotta see if it’s what I want first). But I think theirs is big and I’m a bit ehhh on it taking up that much space. I’ve seen a few tinier ones on secondhand sites but I don’t know how stable they are/if they have weight limits…. if you have a cross trainer let me know buying tips. 


What random things have gone on for you recently?


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  1. Those five days off sound like bliss and bonus that you’re in good health for them! Shame indeed that it wasn’t 2 days work, 5 days off every week!! Random things for me? Um … I am so over the recorded voice of ‘Nicole from the Australian National Broadbrand Network’ phoning me and telling me that my internet is going to be disconnected unless I connect up blah blah and please press 1 and blah blah. 4 calls from her today!! It’s a Scam people – watch out for Nicole from the Australian National Broadbrand Network. Off my little soapbox now! Enjoy your week!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Oh the recorded scam calls are no fun because you can’t even mess with them!

  2. I think 2 days at work and 5 days off really would be living the dream! Talking of dreamy, how convenient would it be to have a cross trainer at home. I bet you’ll surprise yourself at how much you use it. Fingers crossed that the freebie works out!

  3. I am glad you blogged and that you have made a decision to get outside for your Vit D…5 days off and 2 days on at work…great plan. Pity about the income drop. You will sort it all out one day…one day, because that is how random thoughts work, right?
    Thanks for linking up for Life This Week. Next week’s optional prompt is 34/51 Self-Care: Share Your Story #5 26/8/19. Hope to see you link up then too. Denyse.

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