Surveys Ask Weird Questions

I was filling in a research servery and came across some weird questions. So I figured, why not blog about them?


Surveys Ask Weird Questions


This survey wanted you to rate yourself on a scale of 1-5. You’ve probably seen the type, the “very negative”, “a little negative”, “neutral”, “a little positive”, “very positive”. The words change slightly depending on intention but the basic structure is probably common to most people.


Some of the questions that you had to rate yourself on:

  • Have a soft heart (geez I hope it’s not all hardened in there with heart diseasey¬†crap)
  • Have excellent ideas (doesn’t everyone think their own ideas are excellent? Also, if you look at the “leaders” of our country, they all have so many bad ideas that any idea could look good)
  • Am not interested in other peoples problems (totally depends on who they are. If they’re a random asshole, then no)
  • Use difficult words (WTF does that even mean? Difficult is not a useful descriptor)
  • Make people feel at ease (I don’t want to make everyone feel at ease. I’m totally happy if I knew a murderer and they felt uncomfortable around me)
  • Get irritated easily¬† (yes, by bad survey design!)


Seen any vague AF questions lately?


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