You Are A Boring Lump Of Beige

As you may have seen, I love the bright rugs I’ve bought this year. And if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll also see that I get far too much entertainment out of mocking weird ads on Gumtree and Marketplace.




You Are A Boring Lump Of Beige 


What makes me sad when I’m searching for rugs online is twofold.


The first fold

SO MANY BROWN ONES. Or grey. Or black. UGH.


The second fold

When you get past the piles of brown, grey and black… there are patterns and colours. And NEARLY EVERY SINGLE BEGIE HUMAN lists these as “for kids rooms” or “kids rug” or similar. 



Did I miss something when I turned 18 and legally became an adult? Did I forget to hand in my “want to see colours” brain cells? Have I missed the beige gene?



Stop being a boring lump of beige!! You do not need to be one. Permit YOURSELF to have colours! You know you can do it! 


Psst. If you like colours and sparkles, follow my friend Corrine on her personal or business instagram accounts. She does colour!! 


2 Replies to “You Are A Boring Lump Of Beige”

  1. Awww, shucks Ness! I was sitting here reading this, vigorously nodding my head (“YES! COLOUR! YES! GIVE US ADULTS SPARKLES AND RAINBOWS AND GLITTER AND FUN!”), when lo and behold, I spy my own name! Thank-you so much – and great post!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I know if I need to see colour, you’ll be wearing it! 🙂

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