Episode 8 – Blogging Tips Part 1

The NormalNess Podcast

The NormalNess Podcast – Episode 8 – Blogging Tips Part 1


The NormalNess Podcast

In this episode, I reach back through some blogging blog posts to give you some tips and advice on being a good blogger.


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Welcome to the NormalNess podcast. Today I want to share with you a quick collection of blogging tips. Let’s jump right into the first.


And I think probably most important blogging tip is be a good blogging citizen. And how do you do this? Share posts by other bloggers? Do you comment on blogs, and are commenting on blogs as sometimes not the thing anymore on their social media? But basically, are you giving back to the community generally talk about yourself and look sometimes, guilty as charged. And then I, you know, I realize I’ve been doing that I go out there and make an effort to share other people’s posts.


It’s really simple. And it almost shouldn’t be a tip. But it’s sometimes good to ask yourself if you’ve been a good blog citizen recently. Next one, is to keep publishing blog posts. If you’ve ever been to a conference or stopped wine online, Twitter hashtags the best, right?


Sometimes you can get really overwhelmed with what to do what’s next, I’m not reading all these great ideas is 10 million checklist for how to publish a blog post, a blog, a podcast, just keep going, you can implement these things over time, the most important thing is to actually be doing the task, whether you’re a blogger, podcaster, whatever. Keep publishing your blog posts. Then tip today, and they might help you if you’re getting stuck on publishing the blog post is to have monthly themes on your blog. This is something I trialed in the past. I don’t do it too much anymore, but it worked. For me for a time being.


These don’t have to be public themes, you don’t have to announce it to your audience. It can just be a typical thing. Like when I ran a separate I, back in the past, I ran a separate blog called bloggers and bacon, that was where all my blogging posts lived. And I would just do simple things to guide myself. And that would be like, you know, January, I’m gonna be talking about content. February, I’m going to be talking about social media. It’s the smallest thing, it doesn’t have to be public. It’s just something to guide you and you sit down in your computer and go, what do I need to write about? What does my audience need to know?


And you go, Oh, awesome, I’ll talk about this aspect of social media today, or why I like this platform best or tips I learned on that platform. Really simple things can help frame you like that. The next tip I have is I think number four. It’s called a simple, I’m too scared to outsource hack, hate the word hack, can I use it myself, I’m really good at this sort of thing, if you’ve noticed. Basically, it’s for people who are too scared, or have had negative experiences in the past or have some trust issues, and that’s fine.


So for example, if you have someone who’s writing blog posts for your business, but you’re scared, give them like a login to your WordPress site to actually type it in there. You don’t have to get them to do the work, send it to you. And you’ll be clear on who puts in the website. Now whatever it may be, if it’s something that doesn’t actually have to, you don’t actually have to give them access and you’re not comfortable. Just go with it. Tell them to email it to put it in Word Google Doc, I don’t care what you use, you know, if we’re going on this some example of using you know, someone who’s writing blog posts for you, it’s okay to you know, have had a bad experience and not trust people to be uncertain. Just make sure that you’re clear, you communicate with them, they know what’s expected of them, you know what they’re, you know, you basically, make sure you’ve both agreed on deliverables.


And just accept yourself that a consequence of perhaps not trusting someone, or not being ready to give someone a login is that you’re going to go in and format it. That’s cool. That’s fine. If that’s how you want to work, you go forward. So don’t be scared to outsource. If you’re scared of giving access to everything, just find a way that makes it work for you. We act so the other post I wanted to tip I wanted to talk to you about is patching your podcast writing. I’m actually in the middle of patching these podcast episodes. It’s currently a long weekend. And I thought, you know what, I could actually take the time record a bunch of episodes, and then they’ll actually come out weekly for once instead of when Vanessa goes, Oh crap, I haven’t recorded I really need to do that. That’s what I’m doing. You can do the same with blog posts, you can do the same with blogs.


It doesn’t really work for you is if you’re very news driven website. And look, that’s fine. But you can still have sort of Cornerstone posts of, you know, whatever you talk about, you can still have them batch written and ready for you to go around the news. If you’re very news driven, and therefore have to be somewhat reactive with your content, and have a template. You know, whether whether that’s you know, physically in a WordPress post, or just a structure that you use, just have something that simplifies it for you.


If you can’t write ahead of time and schedule your posts out or, you know, podcast ahead of time like I’m doing now schedule them out, find whatever solution works for you. systemized is kind of boring, but it really works. It’s not system, it is so good, because it takes the stress out of it. If you know exactly what you need to do in order to take something off, then it’s sitting in the back of your mind, but not in a stressful way. It’s it’s like yeah, I know right now I’m going to finish recording this episode, I know that I’ll save the audio, add in the intro and at try and piece it together and schedule it.


It’s not a stressful thing. I just know those are the tasks I need to do. It’s simple. It’s there. And it’s not worrying me. But I know exactly. I need to go tick, tick, tick, tick. And I’m done. I hope these posts for you. I hope these tips were useful for you. Some of them are from blog post sites that are written in the past. And I’ll make sure I share the link to those in the show notes. I’ve written a lot about blogging over the years. So you go dig through that blogging category. Again, I’ll put a link on the show notes because there’s a lot of tips there that can help you out.

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