February Creative Contemplations

Creative Contemplations

I feel like I did a lot in January (snarky gratitude journal, dollhouse project) and nothing in February. But I started a new day job and did that “be kind to yourself” stuff that was all about NOT doing things while I went through change. Ugh. Like, being kind to yourself is good but it’s also boring. It meant putting aside things I wanted to do in order to focus on adjusting to a job. I mostly want/have the job because it’s good pay and wfh. The people are nice but my shiny brain is struggling with basic stuff because I need challenges.

Creativity always seems to come after paying the bills and taking care of chronic stuff and I can be resentful over that.


Reading: Cozy mystery books to get ideas on how to adapt a book into the genre.

Gaming: Mini Motorway on the iPad. No brain space for complex games. Needed basic tapping only!

Watching: I genuinely do not remember.

Creating: Puff pastry cheesymite scrolls. The odd bit of creepy dollhouse painting of furniture.

Writing: notes on cozy mystery things.


February Creative Contemplations

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