March Creative Contemplations

Creative Contemplations

Feeling bundles of frustration and pain flares. Lots of “ugh, life: stuff to deal with. Pain flares, after effects of flood stress even though we didn’t flood. Wondering if I’ll ever have enough energy to juggle a day job and my creative projects and my business projects. Oh yeah, then, after two very successful years of AVOIDING THE FUCKING PLAGUE, I caught covid.


Project Updates

My Fictional Life With Kids:

– fixing broken website certificates

– reminding myself to save the ideas people gave me on instagram for posts

– thinking of swapping to tumblr with the url because I need to break out of the “everything must be self hosted wordpress” mindset.


Totally Normal Dollhouse:

Got it dragged outside for me so that I could spray paint the pink monstrosity. I found a painter and primer in one, in slate grey. I am so relieved it’s not pink anymore. Now I finally feel like ideas are coming to me about what I can do with it.


This month I was:


Cassie Coburn mysteries – in preparation for Camp NaNo in April, where I want to rewrite a book into the cozy mystery genre. Then someone rudely also started reading the books from the local library (how dare they, am I right?) so now I’m on a wait list for the next one.
Also “Five Total Strangers” by Natalie D Richards. Thrillers aren’t often my thing but I got into that one & it was a quick read. It seems to have poor reviews but I didn’t mind it. It was decent enough.

I started “One Of Us Is Lying” but returned it early; it seemed ok but my exhaustion was too high to read a multiple PoV book.

Gaming: ipad games in bed with covid.

Watching: Rewatching Space Force season 2. I think they matured the show well, especially given obvious covid and budget issues.

Creating: Plans for CampNaNo. Plans for planning. Trying to work out how to actually do all the things I want to do when I have no spoons.

Writing: Nothing.


March Creative Contemplations



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