Ever since around 2006 I’ve been trying to find a way to paint. It sounds odd, you pick up a brush and learn, right? For some reason it never clicked with me. I started and gave up multiple times.


Then, in April 2022, I felt something click. I was watching a presentation by an artist and something clicked inside me. I think it was the way she approached art, the freedom. Many other times I’d tried to learn it felt like rules. While rules can be interesting constraints on all forms of art, in painting it felt like I was always doing it wrong. When I finally felt the permission to try and to learn on my own, I made progress. And most importantly, I began to enjoy it. 


I decided to set up a seperate Instagram account to promote my art and to open a shop. 


Want to buy art? Now you can. Click here to visit my store, or scroll around below to look at just a few of my favourites.