Randoms 3

Things click when you listen to podcasts sometimes. In this episode there was some talk about photography (and as you may or may not know, I’m a photographer who doesn’t share my photos online. Anyway, a realisation about how I mentally frame things and what my favourite lens is reminded me of a realisation I […]

A New Life

Not super moon

On Saturday, one weekend ago, I handed in my last assignment for the course I’ve been studying this year. Which means that last week was the first week that I’ve had where I having nothing “hanging over me” after work. Now, I know that “hanging over me” sounds really negative, but with being sick all […]

Minor Burn Out

Minor Burn Out

Originally published in June 2016 on Side Gig Life.   Whenever I hear the phrase “burn out”, I feel like it’s talking about some kind of breakdown. But it doesn’t have to mean that, it can be minor burn out.   Minor Burn Out     This week I have minor burn out. It hasn’t […]