A Simple “I’m Scared To Outsource” “hack”.

Outsourcing. It’s so hot right now. If you’re scared of letting someone into your website, which is common when you’re starting to outsource, there is a simple hack you can try.   A Simple “I’m Scared To Outsource” “hack”.     Get the contractor to do all the writing, reviewing, updating of images… the tasks themselves. […]

Why I’m Not Taking Employment Contracts

Why I'm Not Taking Employment Contracts

Originally published on virtualanthropologist.com   This article from The Guardian has been doing the rounds on many academic-focused Twitter and Facebook accounts. Including my own:   This is why I work unrelated to my degree right now & started Virtual Anthropologist. Secure $ and attempt to stay in my field w/freelancing https://t.co/Xum3OP8FZw — Vanessa Smith (@virtualanthro) December 3, […]