It’s What I Do

I know some people cringe at the word multipassionate. I’m not sure which variant of it really suits me best/that I  like best, to quote a TV ad of a topic that I can’t even remember. But it is the most understood word, so I tend to use it. And as you’ll see below, love or hate the word, it’s me. It’s 100% me.


It’s What I Do


Sometimes it’s not totally clear what I do. Which is why I thought I would start a page that encompasses all of my things that I do. It’s not the same as my hire me page, as that is (duh) what you can hire me to do. It’s more than my books page, because I don’t only write books.


I Write Books

I have six books currently published & more planned.


Book Course

I have a book course underway on how to get your book DONE. Tentatively called “Write your first draft“. Sign up here to be notified when it launches.


Book Coaching

Saves you from weirdo internet advice, gives you accountability, and all that good stuff.


My Fictional Life With Kids

I got bored when sick and started a fake mom blog. I will explain why one day…