Hire Me

I can do lots and lots of things (you can read more about me here). And, even better, you can hire me to do them for you. It’s almost as if this capitalism thing has something going for it. 


Blog/Project Management

I’ve worked in a lot of planning and scheduling jobs in my non blogging life. Which basically means I’ve amassed a ton of skills in getting stuff done! Skill I’m not so good at applying to myself (because who is?) but skills I have honed professionally working on multibillion dollar projects. 

This is for the blogger who needs someone working in and on their business. Things that I can manage for you could include editing blog posts, social media strategy/tweaking scheduling tools, managing all of your subcontractors, making sure deadlines are met… basically anything to do with managing a blog and getting associated projects and goals done! 

I love hearing shiny ideas. I don’t think we’re meant to do one thing. And I’d really love to work together to see your shiny ideas actually come to fruition.

Packages start from $500/month, depending on what we’ll be doing together. 



I can set up (or clean up) your Pinterest account. This involves:

  • You filling an a form so I can get details from you about your needs and goals.
  • Me doing the set up (or clean up)
  • Me sending you a some great, easy to implement information for continuing to make the best of Pinterest with your shiny new/organised account

From $150.


Ongoing Pinterest management

Want to be sharing quality pins and building your Pinterest audience but don’t have the time? Pinterest is the one social media platform I provide ongoing social media management for.

Packages from $300/month


Blogging Advice

Want to get an answer to a blogging question that isn’t some generic 5 step “expert” plan? (I hate blogging formulas!)

You can either:

  • Pick my brain: a once off chance to ask a big question (or a few small questions) and get an honest, personal, no BS reply.
  • Monthly Coaching: if you need a sarcastic but helpful cheer squad to keep you on target to accomplish a specific goal, this is where to look! (You can read more about philosophy on helping and being a team member here.)

Pick my brain $50

Monthly coaching packages from $400



I have personal experience in MailChimp, ConvertKit and MailerLite. I’ve got multiple opt ins, tags, lists and all the complex stuff that you sometimes want to do, but don’t sit down to… actually do! I can help you:

  • Newsletter Management: a review of your opt ins, lists, tags and other settings to make sure no one is falling into a black hole, and that you’re delivering the right content to the right segments of your list.
  • Content: I can create (or review) your opt ins and/or newsletters.

Newsletter management (once-off) from $150.

Content packages can be once-off or monthly. From $100.


Updating Old Blog Posts

If you’ve been blogging for a few years, it’s likely you’ve got a significant back catalog of posts on your site. There are a lot of things that can be tweaked in old posts, such as keywords, headings, links (to posts, affiliates, newsletters), a call to action, alt text on images… 

It’s a big job, and that’s why I can do it for you! Plus, an unbiased eye can really help you avoid those cringe moments of having to re-read your early blog posts. 

If you don’t want to tackle your entire website, I can also cover this with a selection of posts (chosen by you), such as ones with highest traffic, a content area you’re refocusing on, or any similar goal you have. 

Packages from $400, cost varies depending on how big and old your blog is, obviously. 



I can help you with a range of areas of content for your blog:

  • Generation: gap analysis
  • Writing: ideal for those who can edit but suffer from blank page syndrome
  • Repurposing: a review of your entire blog with ideas about what content can be repurposed into what format (and shared where!)

From $100


Other Random Things I Can Do:

  • Edit video (I’m not Kubrick, but I can do the basics!)
  • Structural edits (the “does this really go here” type of editing)
  • Overviews and basic social media training (note: I don’t provide ongoing management of non-Pinterest social media as I believe it’s best coming from you!)
  • Project Design and Evaluation, Community outreach, Survey Design and other things I’m legit qualified in via my other business, Virtual Anthropologist


Email me: vanessa AT normalness.com if you’re interested in any of the above, or have any questions!