Hire Me

I can do lots and lots of things (you can read more about me here). And, even better, you can hire me to do them for you. It’s almost as if this capitalism thing has something going for it!


Shiny Project Management

I love hearing shiny ideas. I don’t think we’re meant to do one thing. And I’d really love to work together to see your shiny ideas actually come to fruition. If you’re a business owner who has ALL THE IDEAS but needs some help with planning, action and follow through, this is for you. 


I’ve worked in a lot of planning and scheduling jobs in my non blogging life. Which basically means I’ve amassed a ton of skills in getting stuff done! Skill I’m not so good at applying to myself, because who is good at using their skills on themselves? But skills I have honed professionally working on multibillion dollar projects, in small professional organisations, large government and university departments – you name it, I’ve probably worked in the size or industry over the years. Which means I don’t have one set way of working, and I can assess what might work best for you. I’ve got a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology and a Graduate Certificate in Social Change and Development, which means I can write about nearly any topic and analyse very fast.


What can I do? Well, the list is long!

  • Keeping your shiny ideas on schedule
  • Write blog posts and newsletters
  • Content Strategy and review
  • Social media strategy
  • Setting up social media scheduling tools
  • Set up/improve mailing lists
  • Managing subcontractors
  • Edit video (I’m not Kubrick, but I can do the basics!)
  • Structural edits (the “does this really go here” type of editing)
  • Overviews and basic social media training (note: I don’t provide ongoing management of social media)
  • Project Design and Evaluation 
  • Survey Design
  • Social Research


Shiny Project Management Packages

Some Shiny: $575/month

  • Comprehensive intake & strategy
  • Prioritisation of tasks
  • 7 hours of work


Lots of Shiny: $800/month

  • Comprehensive intake & strategy
  • Prioritisation of tasks
  • 10 hours of work


Extremely Shiny: $1700/month

  • Comprehensive intake & strategy
  • Prioritisation of tasks
  • 25 hours of work


Email me: vanessa AT normalness.com if you’re interested in talking further about shiny project management!


(Looking for something specific, or a once-off service? Check out the other services I offer.)