Why Normal Ness? 

Because we’re all normal – to ourselves .

This blog is a personal blog, but you can take my experiences, apply what works for you and ignore what doesn’t. 

My name is Vanessa, and I love to write and explore new ideas. I’m great at asking questions and less great at giving you defined answers. I blame that on my research background. On NormalNess I share my life, my sarcasm and many other things, including blogging tips.

Things To Read About

Here on NormalNess I talk about a lot of things. Because I like a lot of things!


Want to learn more about blogging? This is your one stop shop to read all my blogging blog posts.

Business. Work. Life.

Do you work for yourself? Work for a boss? Or some combination in between? 


Health! We all have it to some degree, and we all have to manage it in some way. Read more about health things I’ve shared.


Why is humour next to health? Well, we all have ways of coping!


It apparently makes the world go round. But how you use it and how you think about it are valuable to making it work for you.


Thoughts about it. Probably written as procrastination from doing it. 

Op Shops

Love to second hand shop? I review op shops as I visit them.

Self Development

Best described as a lot of thoughts, as well as questions with no answers.

All The Blog Posts

If you want to read all the blog posts on all the topics, here is where you can do that.


You can now binge-watch me!


Coming soon…

Embrace Shiny

My coaching business for shiny object loving humans


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