No more NaNo for me

It’s probably an odd thing to write a blog post about. But the reason I’m doing this is because I’ve written blog posts in the past about NaNoWriMo and seeing as I no longer feel like it’s ethical to support the organisation, it feels weird to just leave the posts up with no notes.

Leaving posts up with no comment (they will all link to this post when I get the spoons to update them) would be like a tacit endorsement and I’m not comfortable with that just being alive and on my website. The writing aspects and community have been wonderful over the years but it’s clear to me the community in particular is gone forever.

Presently, I have unsubscribed from their newsletters and when I have the spoons I’m looking into what to do about my username/post history on the site etc.


The short story:

Serious issues were raised in the organisation and I don’t like how the organisation responded.


The full story is long and I don’t have the spoons to write it out, so I’m going to put links here in case you want to read it all:


This is obviously not the biggest problem in the world right now, so please don’t claim that’s what I’m saying (that’s the internet is a jerk disclaimer). I’m creating this post solely because I’ve written about the organisation in the past.

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