Systems FAQs

Systems FAQs


A general note on how I work:

Chronic and unpredictable pain means I work at odd times, in odd blocks of time. Aka whenever my body lets me. What this means for you is that I largely work “asynchronously”. That means we probably won’t be online and working at the same time. The big advantage to working asynchronously is that you don’t have to “save things up” and put yourself under pressure to get everything done, remembered, raised etc in a small window of time working live. 


I really like to talk to people at a preset time.

Then I’m not the person for you. That’s ok, there a a lot of great people out here. Drop me an email and if I can, I’ll pass on some names of people that might be better suited to you.


What don’t you do?

I’m not a lawyer, accountant, or other person who requires a formal registration to give you advice. I do have degrees, but not in those areas. I will ALWAYS recommend that for the specific things where you need a specific expert, you hire said specific expert.


What are your degrees?

Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from the University of Queensland and a Graduate Certificate in Social Change and Development from the University of Newcastle. Humanities degrees = experts at writing, research (actual research, not google) and analysis. I also have a ton of work experience in small and large businesses and government and ngo-type places.


Why you?

I want to work with people who don’t fit into a textbook definition of a business. Maybe you’re multipassionate or a hummingbird. Maybe you have a suite of businesses. Maybe you have ADHD and need help with the business part of your business.


Are you neurodiverse?

Short answer: I don’t know.

Long answer: I’ve had plenty of comments throughout my life that indicate ADHD (and classic school reports of “if only she would pay attention). I’m tossing up if I want to seek a diagnosis formally because I feel like the response will be something like “oh well she has been to uni successfully and can organise herself so why do you don’t meet our weird ad sexist diagnostic criteria of you getting in the way of others no matter how much you feel it would explain a lot about why you are the way you are with some things and the mental effort it can take to be organised”. See, bet you wish you had only read the short answer now.


Will I start earning {number of figures, most likely 6 or 7 or 8} due to working with you?

I dunno. I mean, there are tons of variables that add up to make a business successful (however you define success) so I can’t give you a guarantee (and view those who do guarantee it as scammers). Nothing we work on together is a magic fix. Sorry. The point of us working together is that you both are and feel confident in running your business. Business stuff takes time *shrugs in reality*