For years I’ve been sharing timelapses of clouds and sky on social media, often in Instagram stories. Which gets some views, but then disappears. Which means I finally got sensible and now I upload them to YouTube and they’re all in an easy to watch playlist.



Timelapses I take are mostly of clouds and sky, which means they may have flashing effects in them and be unsuitable for some people.


Time lapse of clouds and sky. My time lapses have no music (this is my personal preference) and are therefore safe for sensory needs – no sudden sounds given there are no sounds. I hope those who are house/bed bound can take some enjoyment in these time lapses.


Time lapses I take are not perfect and I upload regardless. Sometimes not much happens. That’s nature. Sometimes heaps happens. Also nature. Sometimes the old phone I use for time lapses overheats and crashes. That’s life.


I’m a spoonie myself; I set up time lapses when/if I have the energy to do so and only check them later in the day. If you want perfection or music or editing, this isn’t the playlist for you.



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